A career in general practice offers a wealth of rewarding experiences. GPTT is committed to offering high quality, well-organised programs to ensure Medical Students are well-equipped to practice as a GP’s.

We support the GPSN First Wave Scholarship Program and the GP Student Network.

Thinking About A Career In General Practice?

Every day as a GP you will use all the knowledge you learnt at medical school, not just a small part of it. As the first point of contact, one of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding and satisfying roles of a GP is diagnosing medical presentations.

The diversity of patients and medical presentations is one of the most enjoyable aspects for many GPs who thrive on the variety and thrill of not knowing what will come through the door next. At any one time there are numerous GP registrars in special skills posts pursuing their interest in paediatrics, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, academia and many others.

The GP training program offers all GP registrars an opportunity to pursue a sub-specialty of their choice. Unlike many other specialities, GPs are able to offer holistic continuity of care for their patients, building long-term relationships as they treat patients and their families over their lifespan. As a GP you have the power to make a real difference in many people’s lives.

GP Student Network (GPSN)

GPTT supports the GP Student Network (GPSN), a national student-run organisation using a peer-to-peer marketing model that seeks to foster interest in general practice, and promote it as a specialty of choice. student software discount

There are active GPSN clubs in medical schools at all 20 university campuses across Australia. GPSN offers programs focused on exposing medical students to the inspiring diversity of a career in general practice.

Activities include fun clinical skill sessions, social events, seminars and conferences, peer support and networking opportunities.

GPSN/First Wave Scholarship

GPTT provides support for the GPSN First Wave Scholarship Program, a program that offers first or second-year medical students the opportunity to experience general practice under the guidance of a dedicated General Practice Supervisor.

The program allows medical students to embark on an experience of general practice that is positive and inspiring. In addition, it provides exposure to areas of specific need within Australia’s future general practice and primary care workforce. The benefits of this initiative extend not only to the student body but also the wider general practice and lay community.