Dementia Care Training and Education Program (DCTEP)

General Practice Training Tasmania’s Dementia Care Training and Education Program (DCTEP) is a free online tailored education resource providing awareness, diagnosis, management and support of patients with dementia and their carers, in general practice (with a specific emphasis on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples).

This innovative Australian-first dementia care online resource was developed in Tasmania and launched in Hobart in March 2018 by Federal Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt AM MP.

This free interactive online resource is aims to provide high quality education and training in Dementia for GPs, Practice Nurses and medical practitioners working in general practice and aged care.

DCTEP has four component modules:

1. Recognising Dementia in General Practice
2. Diagnosing Dementia in General Practice
3. How does Dementia Progress ?
4. Managing Dementia in General Practice


Benefits of DCTEP in general practice and aged care sectors

GPs and medical practitioners working in general practice

  • Can benefit from knowledge and confidence to take on the responsibility for diagnosis and management of many patients with dementia in their practice
  • Can provide more certainly and assistance to families and carers, particularly in the early stages of dementia


Families and carers

  • Can benefit from the earlier diagnosis of dementia, assisting them to plan with, and provide support for, a family member with dementia and to put in place options needed for future care.
  • Can be better supported through improved health professional knowledge of community resources (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health resources).


Practice Nurses

  • Can benefit from being able to better recognise dementia symptoms and to provide support in the management of patients, particularly in rural and remote communities.
  • Can better support patients, carers and families by providing them with timely knowledge about community resources and support


The number of people with dementia in Australia is growing rapidly. Inevitably this will increase the dementia patient-load for GPs. Additionally, as aged care services are stretched, the management of this group with chronic and complex care needs will fall to GPs and the extended primary care team. – Pond D: Dementia: an update on management. Australian Family Physician. 2012, 41(12):936.

Much can still be done in the way of service development and provision, GP training and education, and the eradication of stigma attached to dementia, to improve the early detection and management of dementia.

Koch T, Iliffe S: Rapid appraisal of barriers to the diagnosis and management of patients with dementia in primary care: a systematic review. BMC Family Practice. 2010, 11(1):1.

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