Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health is an important aspect of General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) and experience in this area is key to becoming a clinically and culturally competent GP. GPTT is committed to providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training with a view to help ‘Close the Gap’.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Strategic Plans

An overarching strategic priority for the program is to contribute to ‘Closing the Gap’ to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health disadvantage by delivering high quality, innovative, regionally-based training programs which produce a GP workforce that meets the primary healthcare needs of all Australians. The overarching purpose for GPTT’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training strategic plan is to expand capacity, increase activity and improve quality of general practice training provided in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health settings.

Some of our past and current initiatives under the program include:

Home Visits Program

The delivery of an outreach service for frail, socially isolated, elderly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with chronic diseases

Small Group Learning Sessions with Supervisor

GP registrars planning and organising their learning, specifically facilitated by the Medical Director from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.

Cultural Education Camp

Aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of attendees by uniquely experiencing the Tasmanian Aboriginal culture.

Stakeholder engagement and partnership

Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre collaborating with other health service providers to identify and coordinate various partnership initiatives

Registrar and GP support across the Tasmanian Aboriginal Health Service network

Providing varies incentives for GP registrars to spend a significant part of their training at the Aboriginal Health Service in Launceston and Burnie and persuade future GP registrars to choose the services as part of their GP training.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competency training and education for practice teams program

Several training and education sessions delivered to practice teams (and patients) at Tasmanian Aboriginal Medical services

Refurbishment of medical facilities

Upgrading/refurbishing existing clinical rooms across the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and further furnishing them with appropriate medical equipment

Benefits Of Undertaking A Post

  • Provides the opportunity to experience cultural immersion.
  • Work in a community setting.
  • Participate in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Clinically manage a range of complex chronic diseases.
  • Provide culturally appropriate, holistic primary health care.
  • Understand the social and emotional needs of your Aboriginal and Torres Strait patients.
  • Skills you develop will benefit you wherever you choose to work in the future.