Wynyard Medical Centre

REGION: North West
ACRRM: Community - Primary Care
RACGP: GPT3 + stages of registrar training
TYPE: General Practice
GPT3/4 Registrars - Expressions of Interest welcome here

practice details

RA Classification:
Accredited By:
Accreditation Level:
Practice Hours:
8:00am-8:00pm o Monday-Friday; 9:00am-12n on Saturday & Sunday, Closed on Public Holidays.
Branch Practice:
Association Hospital:
Northwest Regional Hospital 15km
Services offered by Hospital:
Surgery, General Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics and Psychiatry.
VMO rights:
Aged care/beds nursing home:
Visit to Wynyard Care Centre and Umina Park. Only on request by patient to Yarrandoo.
No. of acute beds:
After Hour Assistance:
GP Assist
Practice Management Software:
MedicalDirector & Pracsoft
Electronic data/hard data/both:
Internet Connection:
NBN(Wired and WiFi)
Billing Type:
% bulk billed, %gap, %private:
Approximately 90% bulk billed, 10% private with 23-25% gap payment.
Practice protocols for billing:
Practice bulks bill on anyone <15 y.o, >75, any pensioners, any concession card holders.
Practice Amenities:
Full staff facilities
Building features:
Window in each room, standard space
Parking available:
Medical students & other regs:
Welcome to all Medical Students and Registrars.
Population served:
Approximately 10000
Demographic of population:
What is Commonly seen:
All sort of Medical conditions seen in General Practice, from baby to elderly, different ethnicity, Acute and Chronic Medical Conditions, Men Health, Women Health, Child HealthTrauma, Medical Emergency, Palliative Care, Psycho-social Issues and Mental Illness etc.

staff details

Practice Manager:
Dr Roland Ark (Acting Practice Manager)
Number of Doctors:
Currently seven General Practitioners
Doctors Hours:
All GPs are fulltime and cover on-call on rotational basis.
Doctors Special Interests:
Emergency, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Men Health, Women Health, Child Health, Palliative Care and Mental Health. Each GP has his/her own special interest. It can be viewed on their profiles on practice website:
Dr Roland Ark and Dr Dhanesha Gunawardena
Principal Supervisors Profile:
What allied health available:
Practice has onsite a variety of Allied Health Services inclusive of Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Hearing Testing(Audiometry), Lung Function Testing, Dietary Advice, Diabetes Education and Psychology.
How many reception staff:
Six receptionists. Four nurses (two registered and two enrolled). Nurses normally involve triage, routine nursing duties, Chronic Disease Management, Practice Recall/reminder system and assisting GPs including procedures.

registrar details

Own Room for registrar:
Yes with a dedicated fully equipped room including Diagnostic and Video conferencing facility.
Expected hours for registrar:
9:00am to 6:00pm with one and half hour lunch break and 20 minute tea breaks.
May need to be involved as it is part of practice open hours.
Assisted by GP Assist
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays:
May need to be involved on rotational basis but not required by GPT1 registrar. Public Holidays closed and use after hours GP Assist services.
On call and frequency:
May need to be involved on rotational basis (1 in 7-8) but not required by GPT1 registrar.
On call Support:
24 hours by phone, by SMS, by Video Conferencing etc.
Is part-time work available?:
Yes. Can be negotiated as per registrar’s needs.
Number of patients per hour:
As per GPTT terms and Conditions depends on levels of GP Terms.
Practice training style:
A variety of teaching styles according registrar’s needs including face to face, case presentation and discussion, Video recording, Observation via Skype, corridor teaching, on demand teaching, formal routine dedicated Friday Teaching Sessions but not limited.
Method/forms of teaching:
As mentioned above
Procedures reg will be able to undertake during placements:
All sort of Standard GP procedures
Learning resources available:
Library, CDs, DVDs, Tapes, Online resources including UpToDate.
Safety features:
Yes every room linked to police
Registrar Accommodation:
No, but practice can assist should needs a rise.
Nat Min Terms & Conditions - % for each term:
As per National Minimum Terms & Conditions
Period calculated 3/12 or 2/52:
Fortnightly payment and adjusted Quarterly
Plus superannuation or including:


Slip Lamp:
Molemax or equivalent:
No Molemax but Dermatascope, Videoscope & Camera

extra information

Practice ethos/philosophy:

The goal of the doctors and staff of the Wynyard Medical Centre is to provide:
• The best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principals, up to date knowledge and technological advances.
• The best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements, respect for the patients as people and confidentiality for any information gained.
• The best working conditions for doctors, staff and allied health professionals through mutual respect and awareness individually of personal and social requirements.

• Create a happy learning environment, facilitate and assist Medical Students, GP registrars and Nursing Students’ education, social and family needs to achieve their ultimate goals.

Practice expectation of registrar:

Our practice can create a happy learning environment, facilitate and assist GP registrars’ education, social and family needs to achieve their ultimate goals.

Information about town and facilities:

contact details

136 - 138 Goldie Street, Wynyard 7325

Phone: 03 6442 2201
Fax: 03 6442 4222

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