Launceston Medical Centre

RACGP: GPT3 + stages of registrar training
TYPE: General Practice
SKILLS: Extended Skills
DISCIPLINE: Occupational Medicine, Sports Medicine, Paediatrics, Semi Acute CAre, Surgical Assisting
GPT3/4 Registrars - Expressions of Interest welcome here

practice details

RA Classification:
Accredited By:
Accreditation Level:
GPT3 + stages of Registrar Training
Practice Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 9.00pm. Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 9-5pm
Branch Practice:
Association Hospital:
St. Vincent's & St. Luke's.
Services offered by Hospital:
Can get credentialing for surgical assisting two Specialists who have co locate rooms at the health hub. Or admission rights for private patients
VMO rights:
As above
Aged care/beds nursing home:
Nil, may into the future
No. of acute beds:
Private beds>100
After Hour Assistance:
GP Assist
Practice Management Software:
Best Practice run on iMacs
Electronic data/hard data/both:
Internet Connection:
NBN, 100mb per sec maximum speed
Billing Type:
% bulk billed, %gap, %private:
77% Privately billed in an average month
Practice protocols for billing:
Only bulk bill children DVA Gold Card holders. Discounts apply to HCC, disability pensioners, seniors card holders and students.
Practice Amenities:
Onsite café, dedicated meeting room conferencing facilities, bedside ultrasound machine, staff toilets, staff room, coffee machine, dishwasher, NBN Wifi
Building features:
Parking available:
72 parks on site for doctors and patients
Medical students & other regs:
We have medical and nursing students. Looking at expanding to allied health students.
Population served:
The greater Launceston area
Demographic of population:
What is Commonly seen:
With more than 50,000 active patient records, we see a broad range of presentations including chronic disease, acute care and work injuries.

staff details

Practice Manager:
Kat McFarlane
Number of Doctors:
19 GP's
Doctors Hours:
Full Time Equivalent of approximately 10 GPs
Doctors Special Interests:
Our supportive team of general practitioners share a wide range of special interests including Skin Cancer diagnosis and treatment, Sexual Health, Sports Medicine and Palliative Care (to name a few).
Dr Jerome Muir Wilson, Dr Jaclyn O'Keefe, Dr Clare Cerchez, Dr Aye Thwe and Dr Sai Tip
Principal Supervisors Profile:
Attracts patients from across Northern Tasmania especially to its walk in clinics and extended hours.
What allied health available:
Podiatrist, Dietitian, Psychologist, Phlebotomist & Audiologist all onsite. Looking at reintroducing physiotherapy & exercise physiology
How many reception staff:
17 in total, with 8 staff rostered on for a typical weekday

registrar details

Own Room for registrar:
No, this will need to be shared
Expected hours for registrar:
9-5, with the option of being a 2nd person on in the evening for a walk in clinics. No weekends at this stage as we have one GP who does every weekend.
Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays:
On call and frequency:
On call Support:
Not required
Is part-time work available?:
Number of patients per hour:
3-5 per hour
Practice training style:
A large variety of GP's with special interest areas that are also marketed to patients. This can help you find the training in an interest area that stimulates you.
Method/forms of teaching:
Varied from sitting in, to specific topics, the availability of assisting a plastic/general surgeon at the Health Hub or in Theatre. Along with learning about skin cancer medicine potentially as a good advanced skills post.
Procedures reg will be able to undertake during placements:
Anything a Registrar could think of that was possible in a GP setting. We have a fully equipped minor theatre with nitrous oxide, diathermy ( & true bipolar), plastic surgery instruments and the option of a visiting GP anesthetist to provide sedation to patients for more invasive procedures.
Learning resources available:
All usual online subscriptions
Safety features:
Emergency button in every room with all call security company, senor external lights, CCV camera on external doors, waiting room and drug safe.
Registrar Accommodation:
No, There is a house to rent adjoining our rear car park, furnished for around $260 per week
Nat Min Terms & Conditions - % for each term:
As per NMTC
Period calculated 3/12 or 2/52:
Fortnightly billings based on fees taken with the practice responsible for any outstanding debtors
Plus superannuation or including:
As per NMTC


Slip Lamp:
Molemax or equivalent:

extra information

Practice ethos/philosophy:

Quality, Comprehensive and timely care to Patients.  We prefer to interview prospective doctors and have said no to several doctors that won’t be a good fit to our team based approach.  We enjoy team players that maintain a high standard of care and good communication skills with patients and fellow staff members.

Practice expectation of registrar:

To contribute to a positive work place culture and keeping the Quality, Comprehensive and timely care of Launceston Patients it strives to deliver.

For the keen registrar there is potentially option for Extended Skills training in one of the following fields:

Skin Cancer Medicine: with Launceston Skin Cancer clinic

Occupational Medicine: combined placement of LMC/Australian Workforce assessors

Semi acute care in a regional setting: LMC walk in clinic/Calvary Health Care/Community rapid response team

Sports medicine: With some time in association with State league AFL clubs & Institute of Sport

Surgical assisting: In collaboration with private surgeons in Launceston

Diabetes & obesity management: In collaboration with Launceston Diabetes Centre

Paediatrics in the community: In conjunction with LMC & 3 paediatricians based at LMC

Aged care: In collaboration with LMC/Norwood Medical Centre


Information about town and facilities:

contact details

247 Wellington Street, Launceston, 7250

Phone: 03 6388 8111
Fax: 03 6380 8388

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