Alcohol & Drug Service – South

RACGP: Approved
TYPE: Specialty Practice
SKILLS: ARST, Extended Skills
DISCIPLINE: Drug & Alcohol
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Alcohol dependence, Opiate dependence, Cannabis dependence, Amphetamine dependence, Polysubstance abuse.

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Dr Ian Guinan & Dr Nicolle Ait Khelifa
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Addiction is a serious health issue across the Tasmanian population, accounting for a significant number of presentations in a range of community and hospital settings.

Within the Tasmanian Health Service, the Alcohol and Drug Services has overall clinical responsibility for this challenging area at the statewide level.

In the South the Alcohol and Drug Service is primarily delivered via three (3) units on the St Johns Park site in New Town – a ten bed Inpatient Withdrawal Unit, an Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program and a Community Team. The fourth service component is Consultation Liaison which is currently predominantly delivered on the Royal Hobart Hospital site with plans to extend it to GPs, community pharmacies and the broader sector in 2017.

An Advanced Rural Skills General Practise trainee based on the St Johns Park site would hence gain and consolidate a skill set in relation to:

– Counselling of substance abusing patients

– Withdrawal management – acute and chronic

– Management of substance misuse

– Management of opioid dependence

The trainee would also develop an extensive overall knowledge of this specialty area and build a working relationship with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders.

All of the above would be of significant ongoing benefit to future General Practitioners in both rural and metropolitan settings.

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1 St Johns Avenue NEW TOWN

Phone: 03 6166 0786

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