Training update for 2022

Dear registrars, supervisors and training practices,

Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our communities healthy during this recent surge of covid infections in our state.  We know that you and your teams are under pressure fielding covid queries, navigating uncertainty and evolving testing and isolation rules, and trying to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

We wish to advise that from now until further advised, all GPTT events will be conducted via Zoom or an alternative virtual platform.  This includes the Supervisor Accreditation Workshop next week and the Registrar Orientation Workshop the following week.  Registrar training meetings, ECT visits, miniCEX visits, PEP assessments and GPTT accreditation visits will all be conducted remotely, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  We will be modifying our events as needed to best suit the online platform and minimise zoom-fatigue, but without date changes unless absolutely necessary.

There are 37 GPTT registrars scheduled to start their first general practice term at the end of this month.  If you are one of these registrars, or their planned supervisor/practice, I encourage you to assess your own capacity.  All registrars still require supervision appropriate for their stage of training, for the safety of registrars, patients and practices.  Please consider how you will do this in a covid-safe manner.  If there are periods of supervisor unavailability with no available back-ups, registrars will need to take leave.  Covid-leave can be used for this purpose and will not reduce overall training time available or exam attempts.

There are opportunities for employment through the Tasmanian Health Service, either in their [email protected] program or in all of the THS hospitals.  [email protected] provides care for covid-positive patients for 7-14 days, managing their covid illness as well as managing acute exacerbations/deterioration of their chronic conditions.  There is no physical contact with these patients as the service is provided remotely, with patients recording real time vital signs twice per day, submitting symptom surveys, and having telehealth consultations with [email protected] staff.  If you would like to apply or find out more, please contact Dr June Song on [email protected].

If as a supervisor/practice or registrar, you have sufficient concerns about an upcoming GP placement and wish to defer this placement until semester 2 or after the covid-peak has passed (hopefully the latter arrives first), please contact [email protected].

Registrars, please reach out to your medical educator if you require additional support in your training or wish to talk through any options.

Many thanks,

Lisa Clarke